Time to be ticked…

Can someone explain to me when it was alright for TSA agents to treat American citizens or any other traveller to this country as if they were convicts, offenders, or whatever term you want to use there?  Where do these incompetent morons get off trying to pat down females in common areas where males are present?  This is totally unacceptable. 

Even offenders in a prison get treated with more courtesy than that.  In 99% of all strip searches in a prison, officers of the opposite sex–with the exception of medical personnel cannot be present. I was a sergeant at a prison and when they started patting down officers coming into a unit, I felt that to be ridiculous–being that most of the contraband coming into a prison either comes through the BACK GATE or through visitation.  I know this for a fact because after some deductive reasoning, even with these ‘searches’–contraband STILL got in. 

This is just a way to turn our whole world into a cage, in my opinion.  We are now guilty until proven innocent–by having someone touch us when we travel in places no other entity would have a right to–UNLESS we are arrested and it’s an officer of the same-sex in a discreet area.  Israel doesn’t even do this crap folks, and they have more reason to tighten security than this country does.

This is leading to a larger problem that people are not looking at from what I can see.  These officers working for the TSA are engaging in law enforcement activity and in security screening without having to undergo psychiatric examinations, ethics, sensitivity and training in professionalism.  Many are rude, and act worse than some of the offenders I have dealt with, and the TSA should be ashamed of itself for subjecting travellers to such discourteous behavior. If they are going to conduct duties of law enforcement officers, then by law they should be trained as such–and not just on how to use a taser either.

The airlines need to be reminded that money from the pockets of travellers is their bread and butter.  Travellers spend their money there, and they can revoke their funding and take a bus or a train in this country–and if those companies start getting like the airlines, they’ll simply not travel.  People are not going to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to get treated like criminals.

I feel a tremendous amount of sympathy for people from other countries who come to visit and for those who travel overseas and are treated with such disrespect and insulted to boot.  This type of conduct on the part of the TSA is going to open the door up for harassment suits.  Case in point, check this link:  http://www.foxnewsinsider.com/2010/12/08/tsa-agent-to-baywatch-star-donna-derrico-you-caught-my-eye/

It is inappropriate to make such a statement to ANYONE in the workplace as it is, but if done by someone who is perceived to be in authority, it becomes degrading and is harassment.  If offenders in TX can file EEO’s on officers now (which is STUPID–they aren’t employees yet they can do this) then Ms. D’Errico should be able to file against the TSA–but wait…They ARE a federal entity so it would probably get whitewashed.  Here’s my advice to Ms. D’Errico…Call Gloria Allred.

Granted, this is her allegation.  I am not a regular viewer of all things Fox, but I do watch Glenn Beck on occasion.  He does teach TRUE History and I can show you the archives at my alma mater to prove that his quoting of sources IS indeed correct.  The problem lies in that nowadays it is the habit of the “scholarly” community to try to “reinterpret” these documents when their meanings are clearly stated.  Perhaps someone needs to grace their desk with an Oxford English Dictionary so that they can look up what the words meant AT THE TIME they were ACTUALLY written.

Then they say “it’s a living document”.  I am sick of that excuse. They are taking things out of their original context and twisting them to suit their agendas–and both parties are guilty of this to a degree.  I would have more respect for an idiot politician who would come right out and say, “We are rewriting this document (regardless of what it is) and if you don’t like it, vote against it!” But NO! That would be so easy nowadays!

One of my projects in History when I was a senior in college was to look up three original sources in a book I read and write a paper on whether or not the sources were correctly cited.  I got an “A” for having the testicular fortitude (as it said to me) to put on a paper that within the book I studied, all three quotes were fragmented and taken out of context and I included a copy of the original quotes.  The professor grinned, thanked me and said that the author was a lifelong friend of his and that he was definitely going to bring that to his attention because if an undergraduate student can spot it, anyone could. 

Before accepting anything as gospel from any writer, I also have a nasty habit of going up to Texas Tech University (if I have to) and check their sources there! I have done it before and I will do so again.  I hate it when research is only done half-assed–and it is worth a 90 mile trip to me to find out.  There is no other way for me to put it.  I also go by the intent of the original author–not the current author’s re-interpretation, and have called several on the carpet for this garbage since.  I told a few, “IF that is your opinion, then say so and put why you do not agree with the author in the first place, but don’t alter a quote so that it appears to agree with yours when it is clearly the opposite of your own view. I would have given you an “F” if I were the professor. I am not half as hard on technical errors as I am accuracy of sources and the quoting thereof. Anything less is telling a lie and promoting it as a truth.”

Now if you want to tell the TSA what you think of them without saying a word, then here is a link for you and it takes you straight to the page you need.  This shirt is printed in metallic ink for all of you lovely travellers so you can use it as an UNDERSHIRT!  It will show up on the body scanner, though!  Below is the picture!


And now that I have gone into another can of worms, I am finished for the evening. Can you tell that I am a nerd with too much time on my hands tonight? Time to meditate and light a bloody candle!

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