What is gained from someone passing–an opinion

After reading a post by another writer, I felt the need to write about this subject. Often, other writers put into words things people don’t know how to say–sometimes because they fear treading into uncertain territory.  Death is one of those subjects.  I feel whether we lose someone who is young or someone who is old and lived what by our definitions a “full and wonderful life” the void their absence leaves is still felt.

It is how others impact our lives that have bearing on how we handle their loss when they are taken. Usually, whether the person is young or old, someone is impacted at a time when the presence of that person is needed the most, I think.

However Samuel Beckett did make a good point. “We are all born astride a grave…” Does that mean we should live our lives as though each day is our last? I don’t think so, but I do think we should try to remember to say those three little words that people close to us long to hear daily, if we don’t show it by action…You know those little words we often forget to utter when in a hurry called, “I love you” ?

If we die after they hear that, for some reason people seem to have a little more comfort. Don’t ask me why, but I remember my father telling me that at the end of every conversation–the last time being in February of 1995–hours before he passed away.  What was gained?  The knowledge I have that those memories I have of him are mine forever…

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