Teens and Chatrooms…What MY son did…*It’s funny NOW, but it bothered me THEN*!

Oh my god! We hear the horror stories about teens in chatrooms, watch the MSNBC guy having people arrested and such, but sometimes when a young man takes initiative and takes things into his own hands, it is hard to know whether to laugh or, as in this case, simply ground him from the net for a bit–or both.  Before I go further, I’ll be the first to tell any new parent to enjoy the babies while they are little because the next thing you know, they break curfew to enjoy some adolescent mischief  (mine got picked up for “Tap Door Run” TWICE)–only NOW it is called criminal mischief.  Sometimes they wreck the family vehicle too! That’s another kid, another story…

Anyway back to this kid.  He was over at a friend’s house and I went to pick him up.  When I got there, the other boy’s parents were laughing and so was his friend.  My son was laughing so hard tears were rolling down his face. 

“Eric, what is going on?” I asked.  The other boy’s parents left the room laughing and all they told me is, “Your son knows how to handle his business.”  Meanwhile, I am thinking, “What the hell did this kid do now?”

Well.  Here is how the story got told to me, and then the chat transcript bore the evidence out.  There was a predator in the chat room trying to pick up some of the local girls and one of them happened to be one of Eric’s female classmates from school. This  guy was trying to pick her up and Eric figured out that this guy was an older man by some of the things being said so he PM’d the guy, and then they went back to chatting in regular chat!  He told his classmate on the phone to “Watch this!” Here is what I recall of how the chat transcript read:

“Hi.  My name is Chelsea.”

“Hi! I’m Martin.”

‘Where are you from?” My son (calling himself Chelsea) asked.

“L.A. But I am in Midland now.”  Midland is forty miles from here.

“How old are you?” my son asked.

“25, and you?” the guy asked.

“15.  My dad just got me some wheels and they are nice too!” he said.

“Really?  What kind?”  he asked.

“A Ferrari! A silver one–for my birthday!”

“Aw that’s sweet!  I’d like to meet you, girl?”


“Oh yeah! You sound hot! Send me a pic” he said.

Eric sent him a picture of a beautiful young thing off of some website.  She was wearing a bikini.

“Wow! You are built like a real woman!  I really want to meet you!” he said.

“Really?” Eric asked.

“You bet!”

Eric then gave him the directions to a local restaurant here, but was also being asked about complexion, measurements and such.

“I am Native American.   My measurements are 36 22 34.  I have high cheekbones too.”

“Oh baby, I’m hot for you!” the guy said.

“Really?” Eric said.

“Oh yeah baby!  What time can I meet you on Thursday at that place?” he asked.

“Oh about 6:30 p.m. would be fine!”

“Okay doll! I’ll see you then!” he said to Eric.

Eric paused for a minute and then put “Oh by the way. I have one more thing I need to tell you.”

“What’s that, Beautiful?” he asked Eric.


Everyone in the chatroom was LOL-ing and the predator left the chatroom.

Well,  I think I couldn’t say too much to him at that point because it was said and done, but I do admit, that is one boy who has a set of brass balls–like his mother… LOL   I hope this gave you guys a good laugh.  I know it’s a serious topic, but this just tells me that he knew how to handle himself and was taking a  “hit of sorts” for his classmate!  I guess I did SOMETHING right! Have a great week!

Since my last post was kind of short and to the point, this is my post for the week of  Jan 3, 2011

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  1. Mon
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 07:32:33

    Way to go your son! Very funny. We had a similar incident once where our child was on a site we hadn’t seen before and was chatting to someone – Daddy stepped into the scene and wow, that guy disappeared quick smart!
    Thanks for sharing this story, Kadja and good to hear that your son has grown up internet savvy!
    Thanks also for liking my post!


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