Captain Honor and the Dishonorable Jive *Reality Check*

Okay…Let’s be honest here.  Who has NOT heard of this guy already?  This is the navy captain who made a series of videos that NOBODY seemed to have a problem with until DADT was done away with.  He has been doing this for 4-5 years. Then they were labelled as gay and female bashing videos.  I’ll leave the link up here and you decide for yourself, but here is my stand on it.  This guy does SATIRE.  To be honest, I’ve seen worse stuff on the Comedy Channel and they are all up in arms at the Pentagon over THIS?  And if the American people think THIS is female or gay bashing, where the hell is the outrage of Kanye West’s new video where he’s killing women and carrying their heads around and crap? Oh, I forgot, SOME call that art.  Our taxpayer money is going to get wasted to bash an otherwise stellar career over satire? C’mon! Really?!  If that is all they can think of is how they are going to crucify the guy, they need to get a life of their own–PRONTO and that especially goes for the person who put it up on Youtube as a gay bashing video! 

I watched this video.  First off, the prosecution (IF there is one) will have to prove that he did  misappropriate government supplies and time to do this.  If he did it on his off time,  they can’t say too much about that, but if this guy had a buddy of his from a film outfit bring a camera on board to shoot this, they won’t be able to prove misappropriation either.  At worst, he might get charged with conduct unbecoming of an officer.  

The Pentagon/Government/President needs to ask itself this before they crucify this guy.  Do any of these guys need Captain Honor’s help make THEM look bad?  No.  They did that all by themselves anyway.  I feel that the commanders above this officer did, in fact, over react and the media (being true to form) blew it all out of proportion.   This guy made light of SEVERAL topics in the video which you will see for yourself, but I do feel the “proctology” thing went too far.   You’ll see what I mean on that toward the end, but, again–it  is off-color  humor/SATIRE and it is obvious that nobody meant any harm by it.  I also think the powers that be in the Pentagon are merely playing the “CYA” game.  For those of you unfamiliar with that acronym, it stands for “Covering Your A**”.  

Now if anything worse gets put out there that proves me wrong, I will retract this and write a new article, but for now, there isn’t enough evidence that this guy did anything other than make an ass of himself–which comedians are known to do from time to time. Now I have another question.  IF they really thought that this was an incident comparable to the Tailhook Scandal, why didn’t they get the guy FOUR years ago? What about the people who knew?  There is NO way this went on that long with nobody knowing in the upper chain of command, despite what is stated on this video.   Come to think of it, this video reminds me more of something along the lines of an absurd, military version of “Jackass”. 

Some of you will find some of it offensive–I personally don’t like that “proctology” bit at the end.  However, I am not ready to feed this guy to the wolves because someone else wants to use him for a whipping boy.  If they do that, then the military is going to look worse than it ever did.  This guy DID boost morale…You’ll see that in here too.  All of these people were picking at each other a bit.  SO NOW what is going to happen to the cohorts who were with him, as well as those WHO were shown in the film?

Here is my prediction:  They will all be discharged, get together, get a good manager and end up on the Comedy Channel and/or SNL–or strike a deal for their own rogue network or comedy show based on this stuff.  Bank on it! This will definitely go viral, and there is nothing the military can do to stop that.  Too many people downloaded it and copied it already. Here’s another question:  What if some of the cohorts who are behind this with him are, in fact, homosexual?  What will they do to those?  Quite frankly, there are more people bashing each other on major channels on TV than there ever will be on Youtube.  None of it has caused lynchings or murders yet.  The spirit of these was to incite laughter, not to start hate riots. That is the nature of SATIRE and if the upper echelons of our military and government are not aware of this, they need to get a refund on their college degrees because someone definitely short-changed them in their English Literature  classes.

Oh, and by the way, can anyone explain why the hell Glenn Close is so upset over it all?  Oh, and one more thought…If they DO make a comedy movie based on this guy–I hope Robin Williams will play the part!  This would be looked at in the same light as “Good Morning Viet-Nam” anyway if they did it.

In tribute to this crazy rogue captain, I shall go and read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”…If you haven’t read it, you should. It might open your eyes to a few things!

Just a footnote:  I’ve seen David Chappelle AND Carlos Mencias say things as bad, if not worse that what is in this video against various things.  What is the deal with people getting all up in arms over THIS guy?

Here’s the link:    A pic of this guy is at the bottom, but I left you some other satire examples (and these will probably offend you more than this guy will)…

PLUS links to 2 of David Chappelle’s most famous clips to illustrate how some satire is more whacked than others:

AND 2 links belonging to Carlos Mencias:

Now that satire is well-defined for you! Have a great week!

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