Hmmm…So you think I SHOULD take up Yoga?

You will all know why I am posting this when you see the picture so here is all I have to say on it. 

I would like to know the IF I manage to contort my 48-year-old body into that pretzel pose (lotus pose or whatever you call it), who (if any of you) would be the first to volunteer to fly out to TX (or drive) to pry me apart and get me back to normal using the jaws of effin’ life?

Incidentally, this is the SECOND shortest blog entry I’ve ever made!

Sweet Jesus it hurts even THINKING about this right now!  I shall now do Cardio Interval Circuit by Insanity.   I find that a good workout like that DOES help me to relax!   

With my luck, they’d have to work for 8 hours with the jaws of life to get me out of the mess! LOL  Have a great weekend!

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