The Bravest Thing I EVER Witnessed…

When we were living in California my son, Eric, was 4 years old and attending a 2 year Kindergarten program. One day, I got off of work at 7 a.m. made breakfast for him and then went to lie down. Next thing I know he came in the room yelling “Mama, call 911!” He looked terrified and ran out before I could catch him. I thought someone was trying to break in and I grabbed a baseball bat, but I turned around and nobody was inside and the back door was open. I ran to the door and saw smoke coming out of the neighbor’s trailer. I called Eric and couldn’t get an answer and just dialed 911. The firetrucks were there in less than 2 minutes, but as they pulled up, he came out of the neighbors back door with two older boys (both developmentally delayed) and he kept telling them to hold his hands! He led them out of their rooms to the yard! The 11 year old was crying because Eric wouldn’t let him get his pants! He kept telling the boy “It’s okay! Your house is burnin’! You ain’t got time for that!”

I do not think to this day he realizes how brave that was and a reporter was there. She asked him, “How did you know what to do, Eric?” He said, “My mom and the day care told me when to call 911, but I couldn’t leave Bobby and Michael in the house, so I went in and got ’em!”

The school bragged on him for days and gave him a party! My neighbors often took him with them to places with them, too and had him over a lot to play!

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  1. Peter
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 15:27:40

    What a brave little boy. You’ve evidently done a good job teaching him how to react in crisis mode. Awesome!


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