Some Things Should NOT be on a “Bucket List” at Certain Ages!

This question is one that nags at a certain woman who I have to deal with  on occasion.  Does anyone really make a “bucket list”?  That not so humble servant from the far side of someone else’s netherworld just had to ask…One thing was completed on hers as of the end of 2010–going ice skating, and she had the bruised ass to prove it…Here is a piece of friendly advice.  If you are a 40-something year old  broad whose dreams tend to land her on her ass so hard that you think it might break–skip the dream in question.  After all, it can happen to you now can’t it?

The evidentiary picture could mysteriously get posted on here, but it is not worth insulting the audience by letting it’s members view a blue moon–especially one that isn’t so attractive. Now if she had Cindy Crawford’s ass, she might reconsider that one.   The worst part about making the decision to do this is that the broad can’t even claim that she was drunk since she does not  normally drink anyway!  She did think about taking it up the next day, though.  It was definitely a struggle to get her battered and bruised body off of that friggin’ bed!  If she does take it up, it will NOT be in public, that’s for sure.

Now back to the bucket list.  Have you done anything on your list (if you have one) that you wish you could go back and UNdo?   Well, there is a way to do so–well, sort of…When you write about it, make out like some other crazy bonehead who looks just like you did it!  It can be said with certain accuracy that the broad I mentioned earlier wishes she could go back and undo her stupidity because she also put a strain on her hip-joint in the same fall!  She can also probably tell you that even childbirth didn’t bother her as much as sitting down for the next couple of weeks did!  Her legs went right out from under her and she landed right on her hip and tailbone! OUCH!  It hurts thinking about it.

If you think there MIGHT be something on your bucket list that might be a bit hazardous for you to be trying, the broad’s advice to you is to cross the damned thing off really fast!  If you don’t and decide to get stupid anyway, then make sure there isn’t some relative with a camera around to blackmail you with!  According to the broad’s kids, this is how she was positioned right before she hit the bloody ice:

She had a dangerously similar fall--and for once her family was right! She should have stayed the hell home!


And she will never, ever be so stupid as to try to do this crap again either! My hats go off to all the professional skaters (like the one above) who make it look soooooooooooo damned easy!

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