This is a time for our nation to remain CALM, people!

As with any mass rioting in the world, there is always the potential to start finger-pointing, making angry outbursts at others, and for LACK of a better way to put it, lowering ourselves to a level that none of our ancestors would be proud of.  The danger lies in this world in much the same fashion that it does in any prison system.

Are you wondering what I mean?  I’ll share it with you.  A gang starts fighting in the chow hall.  It gets contained after being hit with CS gas and such…Just as that mess gets cleaned up, another building kicks off when the news gets there from one of the other offenders who happens to be watching things unfold from the exit door.  THEN the team has to go clean up another mess–and it continues.  It spreads from building to building.   Before long, the news is statewide.  THEN other units start kicking off, putting countless non-participating offenders and a whole lot of officers in mortal danger because each gang is struggling to gain control.

Do you not think for one minute that given the messes in Egypt and Tunisia right now that there is an extremist group in the wings waiting to “step in” to “solve the problem”?  If not, you had better think again.  If they gain the upper hand, what makes you think the rest of them in other countries won’t try to kick off at some point?

There is only one response that can be done.  Contain the chaos.  Then deport non-citizen participants and jail the others who cause the violence and throw the key away.  Changing regimes is one thing.  Trying to establish a stranglehold to prevent a natural progression into a new government is another.  We saw that happened in Iran in the 70’s. 

I said after the Nicole Simpson/Ron Goldman murders that the catch phrase for children hundreds of years later would be “O.J. did it!”  Damn…I was wrong…It is going to be “Assange did it!”  He will be vilified if WW3 breaks out and somehow, it will all get pointed back to him, true or not.  Personally, he should be tried by various countries for sedition and/or treason.

The public has a “right to know” some information–unless it might cause the lives of our service members to be put at risk, or our freedoms that we do have to be put into jeopardy.  I don’t see that (for example) knowing that the troops cornered Osama Bin Laden in a bunker outside of a mountain range in Northern Afghanistan, and that they are about to commence bombings of that bunker, is going to matter to me one way or the other until after the fact.  There should be a media blackout until it is done. I am sick of journalists acting like little demigods telling where the troops are and telling THEIR version of the truth to promote their own personal agendas.  Enough is enough!  Either report responsibly and quit trying to convert America to your “my view is right and you need to agree” attitude, or get into the business of being televangelists, because that is what such reporters are well suited for–and are looked at in the same light by many in the nation.

As for the people, we need to stay calm and take these journalists with a grain of salt.  There is still some good reporting out there, but not much.  Much of it is what I call “propagandizing” of the news.  BOTH the far right and far left do this.  I am not concerned with what is going on in Egypt per se, unless extremist groups try to take it over, which I don’t think will happen.  Egypt’s army is known for quashing all rebellion just like the Turks do.  Neither army will put up with extremism.   The Coptic Christians in Egypt always remain neutral, so if these extremist thugs try to convert them, they will be in for a rude shock.  They will defend themselves or die trying.  They will not convert.

When enough of the extremists upset the world balance in the way of trade, one of two things will happen.  Russia will step in and shut them up, and the Turks will assist, OR China will do it for them and save them the trouble.  Do not think for one minute that any of those nations will stand by and let these gangs of extremists gain a foothold when their own countries could come under threat.  Germany is already contemplating deportations because of what is going on in their own country, and I am sure other countries in Europe may follow suit. Why?  It is simple, the populous is getting sick of being told that they have to be “sensitive” to other peoples’ cultures on their own blood bought, freedom-loving soil.  The forefathers in our countries did not fight and die so that we would have to accommodate every foreign national that chooses to emigrate to this country.  IF they want to be a part of the culture they are now living in, and be accepted, they shouldn’t be trying to change the new country into another version of the country they left behind.

I don’t care what country anyone who lives here comes from–they came to America.  If they cannot embrace  our culture, they should leave.  It’s that simple.

While the U.S. needs to keep an eye on this stuff, it is best to NOT get obsessed with it.  What extremists do not realize is that we DO remain calm until WE get messed with directly.  Regarding Obama’s speech in June 2009, I have only this to say…This nation has no business telling others how to conduct THEIR affairs until we straighten out our own problems within our own borders. 

For one, we need to stop extremism here.  It should NOT be permitted.  Any foreign national who is trying to practice law here, and attempting to insert Sharia Law into our penal codes (state or federal) through court cases should be deported immediately.  Any foreign national teaching that this land is not American’s land but theirs (or their God’s)–same thing. Deport their asses!  They don’t belong in America.  Anyone who is found guilty of  murder in process of honor killing should have mitigating circumstances added because of the fact that they KILLED  FEMALES due to their own hatred for them as well as their basic human rights.  Misogyny is a form of hate and if they want to push that Sharia Law crap, then try them for hate crimes against women–period. END OF DISCUSSION.  Not all Muslims espouse Sharia Law.  Many left their countries to get away from extremism.  They are in as much danger as an infidel, and it is important to keep that in mind before joining in the “bash all Muslims” bandwagon.  If America is going to allow one religion to dominate the textbooks, they should ALL be given equal time.  IF not, then none should be mentioned.

I cannot speak for all women, and neither can NOW since they don’t do much for women’s rights on these issues anyway, but I can say this. I will not give up my autonomy or my right to vote–let alone my right to keep my body in tact and marry who I damned well please.  My ancestors fought too long and hard for me to have those rights.  The Suffragettes will not have died and fought for us in vain so long as we as women hold onto those rights and FIGHT to defend them. 

Our leaders must not think much of women either to even let anyone entertain the thought of allowing this into any American document.  To allow it is treason and violates the Constitution.  While we need to remain calm as a nation, it is time for the women of America to wake up.  We must make our voices heard, or face extinction if stuff does hit the proverbial fan in this country.  We must be willing to stand up not just for our rights but for those of our daughters and granddaughters, nieces, etc…

The time to stand up is NOT when we see fighting in our streets and chaos everywhere else.  The time to put a stop to this crap is NOW.  We must stand toe to toe and shoulder to shoulder, regardless of what party we are in.  We must stand straight with gay, black with white, Asian with Latino, etc…ALL MUST UNITE and say NO to this crap!   If this is how some people want to live, let THEM relocate.  The rest of this nation shouldn’t be expected to accommodate those who hate our culture and our way of life.  I will vote for nobody–Republican or Democrat who thinks this is alright or doesn’t address this either.  To me, it is the women of this country who are in the greatest danger should a worst case scenario occur. 

Stop giving money to nations who carry out such misogynistic behavior toward women.  If they don’t let their women marry whom they choose–cut their funding.  If they sell young children into any kind of slavery and legally allow it, CUT THEIR FUNDING. If they practice FGM–CUT THEIR FUNDING, if they don’t espouse educating boys and girls equally, same deal.  WE should not continue to feed a beast that will only turn around and bite us afterward.  Not only that, the money that is saved would be better suited going to cover our deficit and not earmarked for unnecessary crap.

It is also time to remove presidential  privilege of issuing executive orders and put it back in the hands of congress where it belongs.  The Wilsonian pattern must be abolished and the original powers of government restored to protect the governed from the unjust powers their rulers now seek.  Executive order privilege gives the president way too much power over the lives of our citizens–and essentially makes him a “new monarch”.  Remember the ‘czars”?  I suggest that people do not  forget THAT point.  It is definitely NOT what our founding fathers intended to happen and it sets  a dangerous precedent for those who value freedom.

While for now we must remain calm, one can rest assured that women in this country are silently seething at the thought of someone else telling them how they should “live their life” regardless of the reason for it.  It is up to nobody to dictate to women who to marry, how to pray, how many children to have (if any) and the list goes on.  One can also rest assured that if our freedom in this country is threatened, we will stand against anyone trying to destroy our autonomy.  Our Suffragette ancestors fought too long and too hard to prevent the subjugation of women in society.  Their memory must never, ever be forgotten.

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