Never Believe Anyone Who Says “IT TASTES LIKE CHICKEN!”

This is especially true if you are being served alligator.  I tried it recently.  All I can say is–NEVER AGAIN!  I will admit the cocktail sauce made it a little better…However, while I am NOT opposed to trying anything new at least once, I can now cross this off of my “bucket list” of things I have never done before, and shall NEVER do again! 

I am taking an online TESOL course.  My snack of choice tonight was good old-fashioned POPCORN!  I am now going to go to bed and put on my earphones. It is time for me to tune out the world, the rotten news going on in it and just chill out for the night! Tomorrow I will be back on my mountain and working out a double again!  Have a wonderful evening and PLEASE, alligator is good for handbags, but I do not recommend it for supper!


Tired of the eggnog every year?! Try this!


1 oz. ADULT Chocolate milk (get recipe from or buy it online)

¼ oz Peppermint Schnapp’s

¼ oz Dark Crème De Menthe

1 oz. Vanilla Vodka

Mix ingredients. Serve in a chocolate syrup lined martini glass with crushed candy cane rim or with a peppermint patty garnish. For a nice twist, serve it as a frozen drink w/ice, heavy cream and chocolate syrup if you like!

Just so you know, Adult Chocolate milk is chocolate milk spiked with vodka! I got this recipe from too…