The anything FOOD page!

I guess I’ll do a separate page for the food…All posts on survival cooking (and fruits and veggies that can cause me to go into a homicidal rage) will be included here too–along with some drinks that sound so good–but you’ll get to try them before I do.  It’s almost like “Who Killed Kenny?” on South Park–He gets killed constantly, and I always end up driving everyone home! That means, I don’t get to drink 95% of the time!

Ain’t that chocomartini a beauty?!  And get a load of the porcupine meatballs! God I love it when Mom makes these!

Anyway, when I cook–IF it turns out like I want it, I’ll post the recipes and a pic!  Like I said, I am NO Julia child and my cooking 9 times out of 10 qualifies for a  Scout Merit badge for Survival!  My sons have kicked me out of our kitchen more than once!

However, if there is a way to screw up anything in a crock pot, I have yet to find it, and now that I have jinxed myself, I am certain that I will!  If there is one thing about me I like for everyone to realize it is that I am not a pretentious snob.  I am learning to appreciate all kinds of different things, and many of these things are due to the fact that I have encountered new people on the web that have posted recipes for me to stea–I mean borrow from WordPress!  I really like some of the recipes I find with the Indian cooking–but I sometimes have to spice it up a bit more so it’s a good thing they put the G-Rated recipes on here!  My kids can’t handle half of what I do like and I have a version of blackened chicken that is to DIE for!  I can make something right–and it may not be with expensive ingredients but it works! I will share that recipe another time!

Have a great week! Get your fire  extinguishers ready because this recipe is hotter than–well, you get it  😀

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