It’s Time to Fix the Mess Our Nation Made

While our economy is doing relatively well despite predictions from the Democratic Party, the very fabric of America is now on life support. That fabric is the rationale that once made America great.

You now have a faction inside of the government that is working to basically kill the power of law enforcment to protect it’s citizens, and will eventually work it’s ugly way into the military and into the leadership of this nation. Oh wait! Damn! I’m too late because that already started happening.

The only thing that stopped completion was the election of Donald Trump. Like it or not, that is reality. Anyone can read can read the Green New Deal and see that it has nothing to do with climate change–just like Obamacare had nothing to do with health care.

Now wait! Hold on! The Republicans now say their new plan will cover pre-existing conditions so the Democrats are scrambling for scandals. The Russia BS blew up in their faces and so has every other shot they fired.

I walked away for a very good reason–I love this country. I love my fellow citizens. Do I agree with the leftist BS that the Dems are now trying to push on the nation? No.

We have a bigger problem than the obvious: Young people do not know any other way than what they have been taught. The left has controlled an abysmal public education system for the last 40 years. This must change. Kids are no longer being educated–but as others have pointed out–indoctrinated. Many cannot even fill out job applications or function in the real, working world.

When, at any other time, was a service level job (fast food, hotel room cleaning, etc…) anything other than a first job for students as they learned to navigate the real world while they either learn a trade or go into higher education? Schools do not teach our children about upward mobility or free enterprise. Why? Because they want unfettered socialist policy in place, which will make them totally dependent upon a system that will utltimately enslave them.

We saw what happens elsewhere when education is ran by these people. It’s time to give our education system an overhaul so that our nation can heal from within. Nationwide curriculi need to focus on reading, writing, arithmetic and true History–not this BS I’m seeing in my grandkids’ History books.

We also need to do away with standardized testing and return to the CAT (California Achievement Test) model. These tests never penalized students by holding them back because it guaged the curriculi in America at varying grade levels to show educators what skills must be improved over a 3 year period.  For example, if by 3rd grade, a group was deficient in a certain skillset, the next 3 years were used to build up and strengthen that skillset.

Teachers’ pay didn’t hinge on a pass/fail grade basis either. They taught from their textbooks and such–and did NOT have to teach to a test every single year. Teachers are the real victims in this social experimenting that is going on because they’ve been stripped of the power to control their classrooms and such. It is time to put teachers and administrators back in charge of the students when on their property and send a strong message to parents that the job they have is to educate–not be their baby sitter. This must be non-negotiable.

The reason so many teachers burn out in 5 years is that dignity has been stripped from the field. Teachers go to college for 4-5 years to learn best practices only to find they are not going to be allowed to put these in place depending upon the administration anyway. Many go into other fields–as I did.

Kids were also taught to have a healthy respect (and some fear) of authority because whentheir behavior was unacceptable, there were swift consequences. Families need to disclipline their kids and if they don’t end up doing it, the prison system will. That’s the bottom line. Our society has removed the consequences of bad behavior from the education system and are doing their damnedest to remove discipline from the home. This must change and parents must be held accountable for truancy and educational neglect. They should also be held responsible when their little darlings commit crimes on school campuses that adults go to prison for–under the guise of bullying.

When precious Johnny and Jenny don’t do their homework, they should get a 0–not a 50. If they do no work, they shouldn’t get rewarded with half a grade and not held back if they don’t pass. And yes, schools should get back to assigning homework and put PE back on the table if they are really that concerned about childhood obesity. They shouldn’t send nasty grams home with parents who pack a ding dong with a kid’s lunch instead of an apple either. Kids have a short time to eat and unless the fruit is cut up, it’s hard for them to devour it in a 30 minute lunch period–esp. when they are little kids…Some of those single-serve containers are hard as hell for little hands to open, too.

Guess what the current mess we call public education leaves us with? It leaves us with a large number of entitled, spoiled adults who believe the world is supposed to revolve around them, only to find out that the first time they throw one of their fits in front of an employer, it resulted in a demotion–if not termination.

It also creates and entire group of young “so called adults” that think they have the right to go out into the streets and infringe upon the rights of others and hurt 10 year old children. They actually say they are “anti fascists” when they are the exact embodiment of it, while spineless, feckless leaders refuse to let the police do their job and get the terrorists off of the streets. They can’t get Trump, so they’re endorsing violence against his supporters.

These same so-called adults think it is perfectly fine to falsely accuse the opposition of pure BS while assaulting those who love this country and want to preserve what’s left of it–and contrary to the lie they try to sell–it has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with preserving this country’s freedom and protecting a growing elderly population from an abusive, soon to be violent, younger one.

We can’t fault these young people who were taught that they have a “larger world view” than their elders, when in fact, most have never been outside the cities they seek to wreak total havoc in. What they don’t realize is this…It will be the very generations they condemn that are going to rise up to vote out the trash that is enabling them to cause such disorder in our cities, and when that happens America had better be ready.

America is finished and coming out of the coma, off of the ventilator and is rising up. I still have enough faith in the people of this country that Americans will not let these fringe thought groups gain any more power, but will finally step up to the plate and allow our law enforcement agencies and education agencies function as they were meant to–even if it means throwing a lot of Democratic leaders to the curb and starting over via a Convention of States to limit their terms from now on.

Parents who care need to run grass roots campaigns and get on school board seats–as well as city council seats and higher government offices. It’s time for the fed up to rise up and fix this mess!

Here’s a good place to start looking: #walkaway

I was smart enough to do this. It’s worth hearing that side out. I found out that they are right about many things.




An Un-pretty Moment

I’m sitting here at 4:30 in the morning, I have to have an MRI in 3 1/2 hours… I’m wide-awake. I’m wondering if I’m awake because I’m a needle phobe or if it is because my sleep pattern is so jacked up it doesn’t make a difference right now.

I am thinking about many things today, about how someone told once told me that God will restore what the locusts have eaten. I do believe that will happen but I’m wondering what is going to happen when their eyes are opened to the fact that they are probably the locusts that did the eating?

Being angry at one person doesn’t justify hurting the whole family, and some things just can’t be replaced. One day the truth will all come out, and I don’t want to be in their shoes when it does. We have a saying in the south, and it’s a simple as this…

God don’t like ugly. 

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2018

The nominees have been announced and I’m really sick and tired of how some of the 80’s artists get snubbed while 90’s acts get inducted.

For the most part, many of these award shows are nothing but a bloody joke. Let’s take a look at the Grammys for example before the creature within me decides to rip the former into pieces with my keyboard…

Do you remember when Milli Vanilli had to give their Grammy back? It was the charged that they didn’t sing on their records as if this was of their choosing… Those two could sing, it’s just that the powers that were over them decided to use them as models pretty much.

Now do you want to know why taking their Grammy away is nothing but a damn joke now? I will tell you why. With the advent of pitch correction, even the worst singer on the planet will sound better then they ever will without it. That little bit of technology can change their voice to the point where it is no longer really them.

I am not going to name names here, but anyone who bought the CD in the past 10 years and then went to a live concert only to be sorely disappointed will know exactly what I’m talking about. Half of these pop and rock stars can’t even carry a note without pitch correction.

And now just for a little bit of trivia, did you know there is only one singer that never had to be dubbed at all? In fact when she was alive the technology didn’t exist for that, but she was known to hit a song on the first take, and every time I hear her songs, it is no wonder that she is one of the most influential women to this day even though she died before I was a-year-old.

That was Patsy Cline… But enough of that. My bone of contention is that some of the singers that have won Grammys since pitch correction came into existence, would probably never be where they are without it. That being said, I believe Milli Vanilli should get their Grammy back…

Now back to this joke called the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Why do I think it’s a joke? I’ve already alluded to that a little bit in my first paragraph, and I am sure the Bon Jovi and Eurythmics will make the cut. Those two acts sold more records than some of the other ones that were nominated. Radiohead and Judas Priest get a pass from me because they’re awesome! In fact I really hope Judas Priest gets inducted just to piss off the musical purists who seem to be doing all the voting in the damn thing.

It seems that the editors of Rolling Stone have the final say in who gets nominated, so I’m going to close with this…

I am still quite pissed that they have not bothered to even look at putting Duran Duran in when those guys do have serious musical chops and have put out a hit in every decade they been together. Their contributions to the music video industry, the other artists that they have inspired, and the fact that they have still stayed together after all the bull crap that went on for the past 3 decades since warrants that they should be nominated.

I still refuse to read Rolling Stone magazine until they get a nod. Maybe that will inspire me to forgive them for putting the Boston Marathon bomber on the cover but I doubt it. I have not read that magazine since they did that, but at least if they would quit snubbing people of my generation it might garner them a little more respect from me.

However, I will stay tuned and wait for 2019. Same bat time, same bat channel! And the older I get, the crankier I become! Hopefully they will get inducted before it is time to retire. That time will be when their fans start throwing their depends upon the stage instead of flowers, stuffed animals and various undergarments…

Rant over!

Awake and Wondering…

I was reading about the 3 women rescued in Ohio.  They had a hero. My writing of Kit and what she went through for 3 years is nothing comparable to what these young women suffered. It is my hope that one day the past 10 years, as awful as they were, will become a picture to keep tucked away for them and that they will one day find happiness as well as peace.

I cannot even begin to imagine what is going through their heads right now, but if it is anything like the emotions Kit endured after Karen’s death, I am sure there is somewhat of a mix between grief and relief.

Live Chat with Billie Dunn Cancelled @ Last Minute *UPDATE @ BOTTOM*…

If you are interested in participating in a live chat with the mother of missing Colorado City teenager Hailey Dunn, there will be a live chat with her mother Billie Dunn at 5 p.m. CST today.  Just go to this link and follow the directions.  Questions and comments will be monitored for content.   There is an update on the latest as well, including Clint Dunn’s efforts to get information out about the case and in the search of his daughter on the website.

Here is the link:

Well, I just got home a few minutes ago and saw that she cancelled the web chat at the last minute to go out of town with relatives…I will stay nice for now.  I hate last minute stuff as it is.

A Glimpse Into A Pre-Awakened Life…

The leaves were turning various colors as Kit began her daily walk to school.  She recounted the events of the evening prior as the dark circles under her tired eyes didn’t reveal the more traumatic events of that point in time.  She had just walked in from school and went into the kitchen.  She was about to get a glass of water when a torrent of shit came out of what seemed to be nowhere to hit the fan.  This was one episode of rage from step-bitch #3 that Kit was not prepared to deal with.

“You little bitch! Why were you late?!,” her stepmother Karen screamed as she picked her up and threw her against the cabinet,”I told you to be here by 3:30!”

“We don’t get out of school until 3:30 and you know how long it takes to walk home!” Kit, for whatever reason snapped as she rose to her feet.  It was different this time.  She was becoming defiant in the face of the witch that constantly bullied her.  She had enough of it all.

“Don’t you threaten me!” Karen snapped as she pulled her by her hair and threw her into a wall across the room this time.

Kit stood back up and ran for the back door but Karen caught her…With that she dragged 13-year-old Kit back toward the counter and pulled a large wooden spoon out of the drawer.  She tried to hit Kit but missed and it broke on the counter so she slapped her hard across the back of her shoulders and knocked her to the floor.  Then she grabbed her and threw her again.  She didn’t know her own strength, but Kit was small for her age and she landed against the wall again.  She then picked Kit up by the front of her shirt and got into her face and yelled, “You will never talk back to me again!”  Then she slapped her but Kit refused to cry.  She slapped her again.  Same response.

“Get in your room and stay there you little–”

Before she could finish the phone rang.  It was the school.  They needed Kit to come back up there because she left her change purse with her money in it in the gym and it got turned in.

“Oh she’ll get it as soon as she comes back. I’ll be sure to tell her.” Karen told them in a sweeter tone of voice than she would ever use in a normal setting.

Karen didn’t tell her but the principal called her into the office and gave it to her.  He then saw a mark on her face at her jaw line.

“What happened Kit?” he asked.

“Dodgeball at P.E.” she lied.

“You sure about that?  Kit nobody has the right to–”

“That’s what happens when you have all grades in a P.E. class together.  It’s one of those things.” she shrugged.

She then went on to class, but the principal knew she was lying.  However  back in the 1970’s, unless it was talked about, nothing could be done.  Kit went inside the house quietly and slipped into her room.  She hated everything about that room.  The dark green window shades were like bars to her.  If Karen ever caught her with any of those shades up, there was hell to pay.  The walls were white and the carpet tan–but it was the shades that made it seem more like a prison for Kit.  Until Karen and the onset of puberty, Kit could look out her window at the birds and flowers just outside her window.  Then Karen put the shades up while she was at school one day and told her, “If you open these shades, your ass will get beat!”   It had been like this since she was 12.  The first year wasn’t as bad, but this particular year, Karen always went off of the deep end over anything and took it out on Kit. 

Kit was sore from bruises Karen left on her this particular day.  She stayed in the room and pretended to be asleep when Karen looked in to see if she was indeed there.  Kit was so sore that she could barely move, but her father had to work late that day.  Karen then went into the kitchen and drank her usual–sloe gin mixed with 7-up.  She then took a handful of various pain killers and such.  Kit saw this happen daily and it would always be the day after that all hell broke loose. 

Kit stayed perfectly still and waited for quite some time.  She then crept quietly out of her room and across the hall into Karen’s room.  She had reached her breaking point. Although every movement was painful, she was very stealth in her movement.  She opened the top left hand dresser drawer in that room.  All the windows were open and the curtains as well.  This did NOT make a good impression on Kit either. 

She reached into the drawer and pulled out a silver .22 caliber pistol.  She knew it was loaded because Karen made sure it was every time she threatened Kit with it.  One time she hit her with the handle of it because she was reaching for anything she could grab in her maniacal rage. 

Kit was shaking now.  She had tears forming in her eyes, but it wasn’t because of the beatings as much as it was the rape earlier in the year–when Karen wouldn’t hear any negative talk of her cousin Michael.  In fact, Karen believed anything a boy told her as gospel.  It was always girls that bore the brunt of the bullshit. Karen said they were going back to visit that aunt the next week and that is when Kit snapped.  “I will never go back there.” she thought as she took the safety off of the pistol, while remembering every detail of the two times Michael had forced himself on her and raped her. It happened once when she was 10 and once again just the past summer when she was 12.  NOW Karen wanted to visit Aunt Tess again–and in Kit’s mind, she was filled with dread while experiencing flashbacks to the memories of both incidents–not wanting to get out of the shower after either time.

Trembling, Kit took the safety off of the pistol.  Still wearing her Bay City Rollers T-shirt that her brother Jack purchased for her, she raised the pistol and pointed it right at Karen’s left temple and was about to pull the trigger.  She trembled with fear and then, suddenly, she stepped back and lowered the pistol.   It was as if she heard or felt a presence in the room telling her that she couldn’t do this.  She felt that presence also tell her that things would not be the way they were for very long.  She quietly crept back to the dresser and stuck the pistol into the drawer. 

She then crept back into her cell and cried herself to sleep.  Years later she would understand her thought train much better than the 13-year-old mind she possessed at the time ever could have:  “If I had shot her, then I would become her. I am not going to be like her.”  

She also was throwing up the night before and ended up staying with her grandmother.  She learned how to make herself very ill when it came to going to Tess’s house.  Sometimes she threw up at the mention of Michael’s name directed at her–like when Karen came back the first time after Kit faked being ill and said, “Tess misses you and Michael would love to see you again.”  As much as Kit hated Karen for not listening to her, she hated her more because the comments to her were like rubbing salt on an already wounded and slashed soul.  On some days, Kit would rather endure Karen’s physical abuse than hear the mere mention of Michael’s name.

Within less than a year, Karen would kill herself with the very gun she tortured Kit with again and again.  More beatings and such were endured, but Kit knew she would make it.  Ironically, Kit feared guns and had never handled one prior to that evening.  She was one of two in her entire family that didn’t have interest in firearms, until Karen came into their lives.

As a Parent Myself, This Piece of Info on the Hailey Dunn Case Made Me Ill…

In short, they found kiddie porn images and crap with S&M on a computer seized from the home and more from his grandmother’s house.  I will not express my thoughts here since (coupled with a migraine from Hell) would not serve much purpose.  Here is a link to the story.

Slowly, it Evolves…Victims Can No Longer Isolate Themselves.

Slowly, it Evolves…Victims Can No Longer Isolate Themselves..

Slowly, it Evolves…Victims Can No Longer Isolate Themselves.

I was very reclusive in my youth. I joked around about drinking and partying and such, in the fashion of Cheech and Chong.  I discovered after a while that I was merely trying to “fit in”.  I have since discovered that I don’t have to fit in to any particular niche.  I am who I am. People can accept me or not accept me, but there are two things about me that never change over time. I am honest.  I speak my mind.  Not many people can handle that trait.  It comes from having been through a lot of hell, much I do not really discuss, but when I hear people talk as if their pain is the only one that matters, I can come unglued. 

There are different types of suffering and abuse in this world.  I know it from a place no one should ever have had to experience it–at home.  I am currently writing a book on this, but for those of you who follow my bullying blogs, I don’t see how we can possibly stop bullying or get anything productive done in society by  isolating ourselves from one another.  The pain of the homosexual child being bullied is every bit as real and intense as the child who gets beaten, raped and abused at home–only to come to school to suffer the taunts of those bullies (and sometimes get assaulted even further). 

Here is the point of my post.  Anyone who has ever been bullied has experienced their own type of prison.  That prison was the closest thing to Hell on Earth for many people.  However, as intense as our pain is, we must unite with others who have been bullied and abused to make our voices heard as one voice.  If not, we are failing every generation that follows.   It does not matter if one is homosexual or not, or if one is from another country or not.  What matters is that a united front stands a better chance of accomplishing anything than a divided front.   We are failing our children if we do not address this as one voice, one people and one nation.

I am no activist and do not wish to be so now.  However there is/are voice(s) out there that people  will hear.  You voice might prevent the next Jonesboro.  Your voice might prevent the next Columbine.  Your voice might stop the next child from taking matters into his or her own hands to address his/her abusers and ruin the rest of his/her life.

Where are you?  This country needs you to get together and speak up.  The children are depending on you.  Forget the news networks.  None of them talk much about this until something major happens!  It is time to be proactive and not reactive.  You do not have to have a child in public school to ask a school board what is being done to stop school violence and make them answer.  People around the world must unite to stop bullying on a global scale as well.  

It is time to quit comparing battle scars with each other (and with other groups and unite).   My pain is no less or more intense than yours even if it is a different situation. Being separate does not solve anything.  You will get told what you “want to hear” and then nothing will come of it, but if people who have been severely abused and bullied were to rally together–someone would listen and take notice.

I am going through a healing process myself–even after all these years. I am starting to see some things differently, yet some things are unchanged.  I suppose we will all be evolving and changing throughout life.  Give me time. I am getting there and so will you.  We can work on this together,  can we not?  I do not feel that isolating ourselves as groups from one another is an option any longer.

Never Believe Anyone Who Says “IT TASTES LIKE CHICKEN!”

This is especially true if you are being served alligator.  I tried it recently.  All I can say is–NEVER AGAIN!  I will admit the cocktail sauce made it a little better…However, while I am NOT opposed to trying anything new at least once, I can now cross this off of my “bucket list” of things I have never done before, and shall NEVER do again! 

I am taking an online TESOL course.  My snack of choice tonight was good old-fashioned POPCORN!  I am now going to go to bed and put on my earphones. It is time for me to tune out the world, the rotten news going on in it and just chill out for the night! Tomorrow I will be back on my mountain and working out a double again!  Have a wonderful evening and PLEASE, alligator is good for handbags, but I do not recommend it for supper!

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