Live Chat with Billie Dunn Cancelled @ Last Minute *UPDATE @ BOTTOM*…

If you are interested in participating in a live chat with the mother of missing Colorado City teenager Hailey Dunn, there will be a live chat with her mother Billie Dunn at 5 p.m. CST today.  Just go to this link and follow the directions.  Questions and comments will be monitored for content.   There is an update on the latest as well, including Clint Dunn’s efforts to get information out about the case and in the search of his daughter on the website.

Here is the link:

Well, I just got home a few minutes ago and saw that she cancelled the web chat at the last minute to go out of town with relatives…I will stay nice for now.  I hate last minute stuff as it is.


As a Parent Myself, This Piece of Info on the Hailey Dunn Case Made Me Ill…

In short, they found kiddie porn images and crap with S&M on a computer seized from the home and more from his grandmother’s house.  I will not express my thoughts here since (coupled with a migraine from Hell) would not serve much purpose.  Here is a link to the story.

Mother of 13 Year Old Hailey Dunn Makes Statement

Billie Dunn, the mother of missing teen Hailey Dunn, issued a statement on 1-31-2011.  You can read the article and hear her statement here.  Mrs. Dunn claims that the police have been negligent in not naming other persons of interest in the case.    Here is the link.  The reward is $25,000.00

Please stay vigilant and on the look out for her.  Her father has been  handing out flyers along his work route all the way to the Mexican border in an attempt to raise awareness and in hope that someone, somewhere has seen his daughter.

The Bravest Thing I EVER Witnessed…

When we were living in California my son, Eric, was 4 years old and attending a 2 year Kindergarten program. One day, I got off of work at 7 a.m. made breakfast for him and then went to lie down. Next thing I know he came in the room yelling “Mama, call 911!” He looked terrified and ran out before I could catch him. I thought someone was trying to break in and I grabbed a baseball bat, but I turned around and nobody was inside and the back door was open. I ran to the door and saw smoke coming out of the neighbor’s trailer. I called Eric and couldn’t get an answer and just dialed 911. The firetrucks were there in less than 2 minutes, but as they pulled up, he came out of the neighbors back door with two older boys (both developmentally delayed) and he kept telling them to hold his hands! He led them out of their rooms to the yard! The 11 year old was crying because Eric wouldn’t let him get his pants! He kept telling the boy “It’s okay! Your house is burnin’! You ain’t got time for that!”

I do not think to this day he realizes how brave that was and a reporter was there. She asked him, “How did you know what to do, Eric?” He said, “My mom and the day care told me when to call 911, but I couldn’t leave Bobby and Michael in the house, so I went in and got ’em!”

The school bragged on him for days and gave him a party! My neighbors often took him with them to places with them, too and had him over a lot to play!

Bullying Then and Now–Part 1

I often get asked how I deal with my past issues. I don’t often discuss these things with others, but people in my hometown know me well. They could not understand for the life of them how I managed to keep my marbles in tact…Seriously! I had a crazy childhood! I know many that had a hell of a lot worse, but mine was unique in that I lived in Bedlam, TX! Anyway, that’s what I called my house.

 The only thing the past can do is throw up pictures into your memory. Those things cannot hurt you. I had to let go of mine. I can tell you all personally that the hardest thing to do is the very first step I had to take, and that was to forgive people one by one.  I will say this, trying to NOT become a creature like some of the people I had to be around was one hell of a challenge in itself.  I will discuss more of that issue at another time.  For now  I will discuss what took place in what should have been a safe-haven for me.  I am referring to the bullying I endured in middle school and in high school.  I will also discuss how some of us handled our own issues due to the fact that the adults failed to address these issues EVEN then!

In my opinion, there was a big difference in being bullied then, as opposed to being bullied nowdays…When I was a kid, I got even. If they bullied me to do their term papers–I did them alright! I made sure they got nothing but “F’s” too. I took a few beatings for it, but it was worth it to me. It was also like I didn’t know what it was like anyway. They didn’t have me to another one because I told them I would do exactly the same thing. I was dismissed as being “crazy” by that bunch. I fought with brains more than anything else.

 There was a boy in particular who was on the track team who used to make crude sexual remarks to several of us–one at a time of course. Sometimes he would push us down. Other times if we were wearing a skirt, he tried to lift it or pull it down in the hallway. We started talking one day. NONE of us knew the others were bullied by this idiot. Our solution: We decided to make sure he got a dose of what he dished out–together!

 The coach wasn’t watching one day and we dragged him down into the theatrical prop room. In our school, costumes, make-up and every thing was kept in that location. Four of us held him down while the other three stripped him down to his boxers, put a dress and petticoat on him and colored his lips with red lip stick–the kind that is hard to wash off. I don’t know HOW the hell we got away with this, but we took his clothes and scattered them all over the front lawn of the school! He had to go out there all dressed up in his frock to get them too! 

I did see the look in his eyes.  There was pure fear in them.  I saw the look in the other girls’ eyes.  They were looks of pure determination.  He thought we were going to kill him or something, and due to the noise above us all in the gym, nobody could hear him.  We didn’t even gag him or anything. We knew that when Coach Carson had the multi-grade level PE class playing dodgeball, there were only two audible types of noise anyone could hear.  One cold hear the screams of the 7th and 8th graders getting slammed by the high school students.  The other noise was that of the juniors and seniors yelling as if they had just won the prize on Dialing for Dollars or some crap.

 He never revealed who did it, and he never bothered any of us again either. We know his fellow team mates on the track team laughed at him for DAYS!  We now live in an age where  a bully is liable to get killed or severely injured if his or her behavior is not quickly addressed. I don’t think anyone would dispute that even in our day we would wonder what life would be like if those bullies “died or disappeared”. The difference is, we knew it was wrong to actually kill someone and feared the consequences back then. 

 Now I fear that young people have no such fear and some have no conscience either judging by what is filling up our juvenile justice centers. I am not joking when I say I feel that most of our generation merely fantasized about killing the bullies or making them disappear…When did it become okay in our culture to allow these kids to cross that line between right and wrong? Even if one is a bully, kids should be taught at an early age that MURDER is wrong. Period! I get really tired of some type of “disorder” getting credit for everything wrong imaginable in society anymore.

 Now were the actions the group I was with took “wrong”? Yes, they were. Were they abusive? Yes because of the humiliation he felt. Granted, at the time, we felt vindicated for how he made us feel, but we still felt an emptiness there…I think that emptiness came from the fact that getting “even” changes nothing about what has already happened. On top of that, we proved we were no better than he was–but my cousins would have literally beat him to a pulp if we’d told them about it and we would have felt even worse. Does that make it okay? No it does not. And people will say, “Awww you guys were just kids being kids.” Really? OH REALLY? Hmmm…Nowdays “Kids being kids” can lead to abuse, murders and suicides. If you don’t believe me watch the news and the talk shows that deal with the subject of bullying! It is out of control, people!

  Having the ideals of right and wrong on THIS subject instilled in me in the seventh grade made it easier to forgive others. If one cannot forgive others, they cannot move forward because anything from the past for which we harbor a grudge will poison our present every time–we just don’t realize it until later. As I said earlier, forgiveness is that hardest first step that we have to take, but it can be done. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to let things go–especially if we are the ones who were abused, taken advantage of or whatever the case might be.

 It can be done though–one day at a time–one issue at a time.